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Windows 7 Made My PC More Stable
Published By jedi_048 on 2013-02-14 211 Views

Last year I had to purchase a new PC as the earlier one started giving me a lot of trouble. It was an assembled machine with different makers of hard disk, motherboard, DVD drive, SMPS, Monitor and other parts. In my earlier PC I was using Windows XP Service Pack 2 as my Operating System. So I decided to install XP in my current machine also to begin with. Later I read the user manual of my PC’s motherboard maker, which is ASUS, and it clearly stated there that the model of the motherboard was best suited for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Operating System or higher. In fact it was also stated in the manual that the motherboard was made ‘Windows 7 Ready’. But still I decided to hang on with XP as I was not sure I would be able to adapt to Windows 7 that easily, since I am not that tech-savvy and a few people I know had told me earlier that Windows 7 is complicated to use.

Also the fact that XP didn’t give me much trouble in running my earlier PC, more problems lied with the machine itself, made me more inclined to use XP in my new PC. Anyway, I thought that I could upgrade the service pack of XP through Microsoft’s ‘Automatic Update’ option if the need arises. In the beginning everything was okay and I was happily carrying on with my online work but as time went on slowly a few errors started creeping in. The more noticeable ones were the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ errors that I am quite sure worries most computer users worldwide. The more frequent those deadly errors get, the lesser becomes the life span of a PC or its major components. Hence I fretted with every BSOD and decided ultimately that I must do something about it now and what could be a better option than upgrading to Windows 7 Operating System.

But upgrading to Windows 7 is not that easy as compared to the earlier versions (I have never used Windows Vista, so I won’t be able to tell about that one). Your hardware must be compatible with the working of Windows 7 to run it properly. You need to have a 1 GHz or faster processor (32-bit or 64-bit processor), 2GB RAM (preferably), 16 GB available hard disk space, graphic device supporting DirectX 9 or higher and a few other drivers. It is best to download the ‘Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor’ from Microsoft’s website and run a scan to find out whether your computer hardware is capable of running Windows 7 or you need to make changes. I had to download the ATA/ATAPI controller driver before installing Windows 7 after checking with ‘Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor’. Also I purchased a 2GB RAM module to add to my existing 2 GB RAM, since I intended to run quite a few programs in my PC and seeing the amount of memory Windows 7 is consuming, I think it was a pragmatic decision.

It was a bit difficult in the beginning as I had to learn few of the functioning of Windows 7, which were completely different to what was available in XP, but it was not that difficult as some people had told me. It just needed a few Google searches to be precise and put them to use with just a few hiccups. Also a few of the software I used didn’t work with Windows 7, so I had to find replacements for those. But the good news in all of these troubles taken is that my PC is more stable now; at least very few or no BSODs at all and other errors to begin with. Also a few of the programs I had used both in XP and Windows 7, worked better in Windows 7. I asked some experts about the reason and what they mostly opined is that the components of my PC was best suited for an upgraded and advanced operating system like Windows 7 and that’s the reason it is being more stable than before. Whatever it is I give my vote to Windows 7 as of now, knowing fully well that the real test of Windows 7 will be when the PC gets a little older. I will wait to see how the maintenance and repair options of Windows 7 fare then.

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